Financial & Operational Review

A Strategic Financial and Operational Review (SFOR) can take a number of different forms, whether it is a pre-lending review, debt restructuring assignment or investigating accountant’s report.

We take a consistent approach to each SFOR, combining technical expertise, relevant industry intelligence and business acumen from across our service lines to efficiently and effectively deliver a high quality SFOR in line with an agreed scope and cost estimates.

Our SFOR team members take time to understand exactly what information your client requires. We seek to fully understand the key drivers of your client.

We will agree a scope, conduct our SFOR, report on our findings, make recommendations for improvement and monitor actual results.

Our SFOR will deliver results.

Financial Modelling & Performance Improvement Platform

Our sophisticated three-way financial model allows a business of any size access to accurate financial modelling to help identify financial issues. We have the expertise to then develop a plan for improvement.

Our financial model

  • Provides detailed (three-way) performance, position and cash forecasts for any desired period
  • Enables full sensitivity analysis and seasonality adjustments
  • Is highly flexible in terms of categorisation
  • Is suitable for any situation, but in particular for mergers and acquisitions, pre-lending modelling and in distressed scenarios

Corporate Insolvency

DW Advisory offers the full range of corporate insolvency services to assist companies facing cashflow difficulties and mounting debts that cannot be adequately addressed without the protection and process of a formal insolvency appointment.

Choosing the right option, at the right time, can be imperative to the survival of the business, or, where that is not possible, maximising the return for the company’s creditors.

Seeking early advice will reduce the risk of personal liability for the company’s directors. Our significant experience and expertise will assist greatly in achieving the best available outcome.

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